Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Books Build Memories

When my children and I started reading When Did You See Her Last? my son commented on how long it takes authors to release new books.  I told him I didn't remember how long ago Lemony Snicket's last book came out.  He said, "Sure you do.  Don't you remember we read it in the dark, in the den during Hurricane Sandy?"
And suddenly it all came flooding back to me.  Not just the memory of reading that book, but the memories of reading significant books in my life.  Speechless and staring at my son, I vividly felt like I was twelve years old at Christmas and getting Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.  Once again, I could hear my cousin, who is ten years my senior, telling me what a great book it was. (Of course, she was right.)
I realized, this is my son's story.  For the rest of his life, when he thinks of the book, Who Could That Be At This Hour?  he will think of Hurricane Sandy.
So my question is, what's your story?  What visceral memories are evoked in you when you think of particular books?

Happy reading and remembering,

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