Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Ethical Question

Being happy in my classroom, it has been years since I have had to search for a job and go through the whole interview process.  Thinking back on it though, my stomach does a little flip as I remember cover letters, resumes, gathering my college and grad school transcripts, teaching certificates, building a portfolio, interviews, second interviews, writing samples and sample lessons. 
A friend of mine recently went through this whole process as she went on her first job interview after being home with her children for the past twelve years.   Most of the process was exactly the same.  The administrators interviewing her were very gracious, and after her second interview, they escorted her to another part of the building to work on her writing sample.  And that is where she observed a big difference. 
The young, recent-college grad who was there also working on a writing sample, took out her smartphone and was scrolling, then writing, scrolling then writing.  My friend was shocked.  My question is, was this other girl cheating, or was she just using the technology that we teachers have been training our students to use?

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