Friday, July 5, 2013

Revenge Wears Prada

Earlier this week I read Revenge Wears Prada, sequel to the bestselling The Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger.  Many speculate that the first novel is a roman a clef about Anna Wintour, long-time editor-in-chief of Vogue.  While I couldn't relate to some of the characters' over-the-top obsessions with fashion, glitz, and glam, I found the author's descriptions of the first days of motherhood to be spot on.  All of the feelings of sleep deprivation, of not getting my "morning shower" until 4:00 in the afternoon, of every article of clothing that still fit having breast milk or spit-up on it, came flooding back to me, but so did the feelings of a warm newborn nuzzled up in the crook of my neck.  For those descriptions, and some entertaining plot twists, I think you should give this book a try.  You may not fall head over your Jimmy Choos, but it is a quick, easy read perfect for a summer distraction. 

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