Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Help a Writer and Improve Education

I saw this on  an education writing blog:


Hi all...this is a bit off topic, but whom better to reach out to than a group of educators?

I am working on an article for Teaching Tolerance.
The article will look at how to effectively and appropriately  introduce and teach about slavery in K-5 classrooms. This topic emerges in  light of the February 2013 incident of a teacher having students re-enact a slave auction in the classroom. The article will look at how teachers might  be generally unprepared to address the topic and also how the common core  standards provide a narrow view of what the teaching of slavery should be.

This story looks at the particular challenges faced by early-grade teachers (e.g., misordered standards, adapting a difficult topic to be age-appropriate) and then offers implementable solutions to those challenges.

I am interested in learning from elementary school teachers how they deal with this topic in a sensitive, appropriate fashion, and would like to be able to chat with curriculum directors or state education department reps in places like Mississippi or Alabama, to learn more about strategy, approach...and also, if there are any model programs out there, great.

You can contact me at

Thanks ahead of time.

I hope you can help this writer.  Her contact info is above.
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