Wednesday, June 19, 2013


June 19, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!  You probably found your way here from my previous blog,,  or from my most recent piece in the July 2013 issue of
Parenting: School Years.
Just like my Literacy Connections blog, this blog promises discussion and debate about reading, writing, publishing, the Common Core and educational issues.   Unlike my Literacy Connections blog, this blog promises to be more interactive and user-friendly, thanks to ITS guru, Ryan Case.
If you miss the old blog, don't worry.  You can still link back to it, and I plan on highlighting some of my more popular posts in a new feature I'm calling, "Second-Sight Saturdays."  (If you suspect that might be a cheap ploy to recycle some old blog posts, you're right!)
And of course, what would any blog be without references to food and pop-culture?  There will be plenty of that, too, so relax, eat, read and enjoy!
Thank you for following me here.

Happy reading,
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